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About Shark Fin

PADI training system

In Shark Fin Scuba Diving Center we use the PADI system for the training and certification of our customers, offering a full range of scuba diving courses. PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world's leading organisation in diving training. With more than 50 years of experience in scuba diving, and with state-of-the-art educational materials and training aids, PADI's system is the first choice for diving quality and safety. Shark Fin and the PADI training system meet and exceed all the National and European Standards of recreational diving services (EN 14467), as well as ISO Standards. Choosing Shark Fin for your scuba diving certification means you will be recognised and appreciated as a diver all over the world.



Reasons to choose PADI

PADI courses


During your course, Shark Fin will provide you with all the essential equipment for the best possible training (included in the price of your course).

Our professional diving and snorkeling equipment comes from Cressi, one of the world's top dive equipment companies. We are proud to use the best and most modern diving gear, serviced annually and replaced with new every 3 years!



Our equipment:

- Diving wetsuits, in all men, women and kids sizes, in 3 different types (5mm, 3mm and shorties)

- Masks, fins, snorkels, boots, weightbelts, in all sizes and types

- Scuba units in all sizes for men, women and children

- Scuba tanks in 3 different sizes (12lt for men, 10lt for women and 8lt for children)

- Highest quality professional breathing air compressor

- Diving computers

- Underwater diving lights

- Snorkeling vests 

- 5 seats pick up truck

Facilities & Service

In a friendly and relaxing atmosphere you will have the chance to learn to dive in a way that builds your confidence in scuba diving step by step.


Our facilities include:

- Indoor classroom with 50'' screen for  video lessons and presentations

- Terrace with 50" screen for outdoor video lessons and presentations

- Toilet

- Outdoor Shower

- Car parking

- And of course our quiet beach just in front of the diving center 


Our free services (included in the price of your course):

- Use of all our facilities

- Use of our highest quality diving equipment

- Wi-Fi internet access

- Coffee, cold water, refreshment on site


Sithonia peninsula is the most beautiful place in north Greece with lush and untouched pine forests that cover most of the land and reach the sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters. The diving center is located just 50 meters from the sea, by a quite and beautiful beach, near Agios Nikolaos, right next to Vourvourou and Trani Ammouda, Sithonia's best beach!

This location gives us easy and quick access to the best dive sites of both east and west coast of Sithonia peninsula.

Most of our diving activities are taking place in the Natura2000 protected area of Sithonia!

The distance from Thessaloniki airport is only 100 km.

Access to the diving center is easy by car.


Keeping our professionalism high, we make sure that we provide you and your family the appropriate quality and safety during your diving experiences.

- We cooperate with DAN (Divers Alert Network), the biggest organisation in dive health research and safety, for the benefit of our customers and staff.

- Shark Fin's scuba diving instructors are certified medical first aid providers and EFR (Emergency First Response) instructors, as well as rescue divers, highly trained in preventing any dangerous situation.

- We are certified scuba diving equipment technicians and PSI (Professional Scuba Inspectors) making sure that any equipment failure is impossible.


Nikos Tsiantoukas is founder and owner of Shark Fin Scuba Diving Center. Born in Thessaloniki, he spent all his summers diving around Sithonia. He became professional diver in 2003 and he is teaching and guiding divers ever since. After  traveling around the world for his passion, he decided to start his own diving business in 2013, in the place he loves most, Sithonia, Halkidiki.

He is certified:

- Rescue Diver

- Divemaster

- Open Water Scuba Instructor

- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

- First Aid Instructor (CPR, AED, Care for Children, Oxygen Provider)

- Deep Diving Instructor

- Enriched Air Nitrox Diving Instructor

- Night Diving Instructor

- Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor

- Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor

- Digital Underwater Photography Instructor

- Project AWARE Instructor

- Underwater Navigation Instructor

- Fish Identification Instructor

- Dry Suit Diving Instructor

- Boat Diving Instructor

- Coral Reef Conservation Instructor

- Scuba Diving Equipment Service Technician

- Scuba Cylinder Inspector

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